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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

good it?

is it just me or everybody really hates sharing good news (personally) lately?

p/s emo pulak aku pagi2 nih. :-)) haha

time stops...not!!

tinggal lagi 2 minggu 4 hari..:-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

hockey team Malaysia - the haircut!

yesterday my family and i watched men hockey final Sukan Asia..although our team lose, it's oke, although they actually (and obviously) didn't play very well compared to pakistan, it's oke, sometimes when u lose, u lose..we hv accepted it. silver was good enough, congratulations anyway.

but what is NOT OKE was their hairstyle.!!! when u represent ur country abroad, u are representing, not only the nation but the people as well, the language, the culture and so on.. but when most of the Malaysian men hockey players get hairstyle like that, it feels like a hard-cold-slapped in a face of every Malaysians ever existed.!!!! u know why? because they are giving an impression to foreigners that Malaysians's hairstyle are like that.

without them realizing, they are embarassing, downgrading, insulting their own countrymen *sigh*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Buried 2010

I watched this movie while lying in my own bed in the dark, such surrounding made me feel trapped and buried together with Paul Conroy! suffocating!!
The movie, for me, is a success..It is still successful even though it only took place in the coffin and nowhere else.
But, (too bad that there is still a "but"), if u have seen CSI buried alive episode where nick stokes was buried alive in a glass coffin, u'll find that some of the plots are alike. It seems like u are watching the same thing but in a different condition (both even got animals involved!). I started to feel like the idea of Buried came from CSI, but what do i know right? :-)
I rated this film as 3.5 star (out of 5, of course).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

meeting semalam

bos ckp "if perlu, stay la balik lewat skit."

sambil dia ckp, dia pandang direct kat muka ni. alahai bos, tahukah anda, saya balik bukannya cepat, saya balik on time, 4.30 sebab saya WP1 (7.30-4.30). cepat means kol 2 ke 3 ke,,
siapa balik lambat nampak macam rajin.

kalau dtg awal (hari2 kol 7am da smpai) still tak nampak rajin pulak tu..haih bengang aje.

takkan la saya nak dtg 7am nak balik 6pm? kalau mcm tu baiklah saya chambering dan practice di luar sana kan? lagipun kerja saya selalu siap on time..nampak mcm pemalas sgt balik 4.30 sbb sebelum pukul 5. kalau balik pukul 5 minyak kereta byk la..sbb kl ni jammed!! taktau ke?

yang tak patutnya ialah masih nampak mcm pemalas sgt sbb balik 4.30 walaupun smpai seawal 7pagi.

Monday, November 22, 2010

tak tertanggung

Status fb seorang kawan baik semalam:

"Teringat pada soalan yang ditujukan oleh seorang sahabat..kenapa kau nak kahwin cepat?...Seorang lagi sahabat memberi jawapan yang bernas..tak tertanggung rasanya dosa ini, tak perlu la di tambah lagi.."

setuju! :-)
dosa kecil yg terkumpul pun dah terasa berat.

tapi ada jugak yang cetek akal yang terus menghakimi statement (status fb tersebut) di atas dengan menyatakan (walaupun dengan nada gurau) bahawa if hukum kahwin ke atas kau da jadik wajib, (i.e. wajib kahwin sebab kalau tak kahwin ada kemungkinan akan berlaku maksiat) maka kena la kahwin cepat2. dangkal.! kalau hukum kahwinnya sunat? tak patut cepat2 ke? sunat kan jika dibuat dpt pahala..?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

movies within this week

1. harry potter

i am a fan of all harry potter movies, but not this one. it's a bit frustrating to me since it contains more monologue than the magical elements that one expects to watch in this kind of movie (at least i expected so). maybe because this time the movie is divided into 2 parts that they prolonged the story line (by using more and more words but less action) and thus it becomes a little bit boring? (perhaps)
i had to focus so hard so that i wont be left out in knowing where the story goes, otherwise it will be no point of looking forward to part 2 next year.
besides that there exist some elements of shock here and there that have spooked the children and caused them to cry so loud and disturbed the other audiences.

2. Let me in

This movie is not "just another vampire story" as what was described in detail in Vampires Suck. It's a fresh idea when it involves a child and a child-vampire, falling in love, enjoying life while still having to face the fact that one of them is truly a vampire!
I liked it, but mind you that the story line was a bit slow.

Disclaimer: this is just a friendly review.! *peace*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Air Papan VS Karambunai

Pantai Air Papan, Mersing VS Pantai Karambunai, Sabah

Pantai Air Papan

Pantai Karambunai

Pantai Air Papan

Pantai Karambunai
Dua-dua pantai lebih kurang sama aja. Sama cantik jugak. Tapi kenapa Karambunai bukan main hebat dan Air Papan langsung senyap? Air Papan pun patut lebih dikomersialkan, sayang tempat cantik tapi senyap sunyi sepi.!

jangan kisahkan warna biru langit tu sebab masa kat Karambunai awan penuh and hujan gerimis, masa kat Air Papan langit terang tak ada awan and panas terik.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

his smell.

do u notice that your boyfriend/fiance/husband/partner has certain smell that you are addicted to? well i do!..

came across a blog.

i came across a blog today. One of it's entries was totally dedicated to me, spelling out 10 things i needed to know about him, (him being "my beloved husband-to-be"), but of course now it would be no longer significant as i know him inside out.
after reading that entry, i smiled because, i realized that i'm different.

i love the fact that wan loves his family so much that he always prioritize them in every way, that shows how much he's going to care about me when i become his family soon.

Monday, November 15, 2010

happy monthsary darling!

this picture is self explanatory. :-)

until indefinitely!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

down the memory lane

wan and i went to Kluang for some urusan. when it's done, we decided to go to Mersing since mersing used to be my "home" some 7 years ago.

so we travelled 114km from Kluang to Mersing via bumpy and not-at-all a straight road for about 1 and a half hour where we saw a few monkeys (with monyet jantan yang besar dan kelihatan garang) and the best part was, we saw a big wild boar crossing the road approximately 20metres in front of our car!!!

we passed MRSM MERSING, where i felt like coming home..hahah..i think i miss that place so much but i still have no intention to go back! no way!!!!

arriving at Mersing we went to KFC (the one and only KFC between 120km range via any road available!) for lunch. then i drove along the road and see the bus station near the tioman jetty, the hospital, hotel seri malaysia..all those places that i've been before, i showed to wan, telling many stories that i remember back in the old days..then we went to the famous pantai there, pantai air papan (that was the only pantai i know in mersing, i was hoping to see dolphins because when i went there many years ago, i saw a whole family of dolphins swimming near that pantai, but to no luck :-( ), took some pictures and on our way back, we stopped at some gerai and bought keropok lekor fresh (but Kuantan's keropok lekor is A LOT BETTER than Mersing's, Mersing punye lebih tepung, kurang isi ikan).

due to my carelessness i left my favourite and my most newest shirt in Kluang, so we had to go back to Kluang and picked it up., then we planned to hit the plus highway from Kluang, straight to KL..this was also to ensure that wan could get the toll receipt from Kluang entrance to Kajang exit, for claiming purposes. on our way back, we took the same road (obviously because there are no other road to Kluang other than that) and we saw another wild boar crossing the road in front of our car, this time about 10metres away, and this time it was anak wild boar because it was so tiny like piglet in winnie the pooh (but it was black and not pink! sad. but if it was pink, then it could not have been a boar but a pig kan? hehe)

the trip was so much fun, we really enjoyed ourselves but i was then attacked with stupid gastritis..such a spoiler isn't it?????? so wan drove me all the way to KL, then went back to putrajaya, i arrived at 11.40pm and went to sleep instantly. it's nice to have outstation job where we get to go on a sidetrip along the way and claim for the mileage. in such a case, if we do make a sidetrip, we only need to topup a little.!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

facebook, thanks a lot!

as i explored facebook this morning, to my surprise, i found a friend of mine from primary school. since i found her, i remembered "him"..yess THE HIM!..the boy i fell in "love at a first sight" with (it wasn't love laaa, it was merely a crush..derr) 14years ago..and of course he's no longer a boy, a full grown married man with a cute little daughter.
i added him, he approved,..he said he doesn't remember me..of course he doesn't--> he didn't even know me back then....but i told him everything that i knew about him..ahah..that was good ol times..
it's a good/satisfying feeling to have found long lost friends over facebook..seriously :-)

i can't survive LDR!

remembering the day wan told me that he maybe transfered to any utara court, the closest being Ipoh..

remembering the day i was told that wan was (actually) transfered to Seremban Court

remembering a dear friend, athirah told me: "tak apa, kita (tirah, nik and i) LDR sama2"

remembering reading a dear friend's blog this morning, yes nadiah, your blog..


ask wan, how he has to travel every two days, seremban-kl-kajang just to see me after work. kesian dia! (thank God seremban is only 90 kilometres away)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

masih tersenyum.

hujung minggu lepas antara minggu terpenat bagi wan sebab dia kena ke sana-sini meneman dan sama-sama menguruskan urusan itu. sampai la malam tadi, pukul 11.15mlm barulah dia sampai rumah. dah la berulang kajang-seremban everyday untuk pergi kerja. kesiannya dia kena layan si girlfren kejam dia yang eager nak siapkan tersangat banyak benda dalam masa yang amat pendek. and he can still made my day by smiling sincerely sebelum berlepas balik ke rumahnya malam tadi.

wan: thank u wan!!!!! minggu ni win tak kacau wan dah, win kasik cuti sampai hari khamis, sebab jumaat nanti win akan dtg balik menghantui wan.hehehe..

Monday, November 8, 2010

punca trafik jem yang aneh.

masa cuti deepavali hari jumaat lepas, gatal pegi ikut wan buat reman kat balai polis seremban 2. masa kat highway plus utara selatan tu, sejurus selepas keluar dari shell kat tempat rehat Seremban, tiba-tiba jam!!! kalau drive kereta manual, jam gear satu lah..lebih kurang 1km jam, baru la lalu kat tempat punca jam. semua org tau kan kat jln2 malaysia, semua driver suka sangat stop and stare?

kali ni, ada seorang lelaki india, pakai seluar pendek hijau, tak pakai baju, tak pakai kasut, tgh joging tepi highway ni! jadi semua driver stop and stare la. kami turut berpandangan sesama sendiri apabila melihat punca jam tersebut. selepas daripada lelaki india tu, jalan terus clear, daripada gear 1 terus gear kan? hahahaha

p/s: rugi betul tak ambil gambar.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

weekend yang penuh.

weekend yang sgt penuh:

jumaat: ikut wan pegi keje kat balai polis seremban. pegi nilai shopping. singgah bbbangi survey barang tp tak jd beli.

sabtu: masak lunch sorang2.pasang tinted kereta ira. pegi jalan tar beli langsir. buat hantaran.

ahad: pegi rumah wan hantar barang hantaran. nak jumpa zira.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

here's a fact about loan.

bank simpanan nasional is among banks that offers low interest for personal loan but a government servant who hasn't get his/her permanentship, needs a guarantor who has.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

char kuey tiow!

las nite my sisters and i (together with my b.i.l.) went to eat char kuey tiow in titiwangsa. sany char kuey tiow was the name of the place..sedappp!

anyway my b.i.l. asked us to spell char kuey tiow. from few attempts, we failed to get the correct spelling. the reason is because, there is no definite spelling for char kuey tiow in malaysia.!! every different restaurant spell it differently..!!

char kuey tiow
char kuay teow
char koey tiau
char kuey tiau
char koaey tiow
chao kuey tiaw

nice ha?? i love malaysian food..:)

wedding blog saya.

kesian my wedding blog. i've created it since june dah. tak update pun. i am now re-activating it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

kalau baju tak muat..

ada 2 pilihan:

1. try to slim down, a bit


2. pegi alter baju tu..?

p/s: sedih!

Monday, November 1, 2010

with a little support, i can stand up on my own.!!!

someone asked me, when i am going to get married, will i:
1. give my father rm30k (or any reasonable amount) and ask him to organize the event; or
2. ask him to organize, without even giving him the money.

my answer was: NEITHER!
i will not give my father the money and i will not ask him to organize the event for me because i will do it on my own.
i will only ask for his support and tiny favours like finding me a jurunikah, invite all jemaah surau and some neighbours personally to the event, asking for free advice and things like that.

he (that someone) has the idea that the children will only tell their father that they want to get married on certain date and expect the father to handle everything,.from ordering the food from the caterer, of course the father is expected to pay for it, the canopy etc. etc. to the small small things.

well, i choose to organize it on my own as i wish not to burden my father and mother with the preparation and all. it is enough for them to be there throughout the process, supporting me physically, emotionally, in terms of ideas and opinions and i don't expect financial support, seriously (not that i don't hope for it, i do).

pardon me dear someone, don't assume that every "children" can't stand up on their own, because they can, but only when they want to.

persiapan?? OTW!

so far persiapan utk disember ni da makin siap..tinggal baju belum ambil, hantaran tengah gubah..selepas tu bley goyang kaki tunggu je tarikh tu sampai,,

pelik pulak rasanya..time utk prepare majlis tunang bukan main lama..padahal, masa utk prepare majlis sanding terpendek sangat pulak.sempat.sempat..insyaallah.