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Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Monday, April 19, 2010

please someone get it right!!!

recently in SOME websites, a person has given bad comment in regards of a ministry who has allegedly given out contract/tender of "female shoes for civil servants" to a specific contractor..
the said person quoted that the ministry awarded rm27.5mil to the said contractor..few days later, he was corrected and a new figure was produced. the new figure being rm2.75mil..

sad to say that both figures are wrong!!! it should be rm275k..please someone correct it! please.. is there anyone relevant in the ministry that still care? i hope there is.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

kuantan trip!

it was not a leisure trip instead it was all official..meeting kt luar mmg bess..i had fun..especially since i didn't go alone..;-P

arrived at seri malaysia kuantan around 9.20pm..rented two hotel rooms..i had a big dinner at jalan teluk sisek, there was ikan bakar with other dishes with only RM50.30 spent..ikan siakap bakar..besa nk mampus ikan tu, makan dua org je..seekor only RM30..then we went back to get some sleep bloated!

woke up as early as 5am in the morning (truth is, i didnt sleep well, i got scared sleeping alone in a hotel room even though i never switched any light off..)..then around 8am, we went for breakfast, and he helped me to come up with a few new arguments to be used in the meeting..

the meeting went well, all army personnels cooperate excellently..all documents which i asked for earlier were prepared for and be made available and ready to be observed, all relevant persons were called and my mission to establish the link was perfectly established!.. thanks people!!! nahh..see?? they can be so efficient with the help of a little inflicted force (from me! ~or officially from legal adviser of the kementerian)..
meeting ended around 12.15..

went to kuantan parade..found a few kedai emas..usha cincin!! murah gile..oh tapi rupa-rupanya emas 750..ingatkan 916..then we had lunch..approximately at 2.45, we parked near the riverbank/laut..(i'm not sure what it was)..nice place..windy..

went to tanjung lumpur..beli keropok lekor..melecur lidah mkn panas2..went straight home after that..and arriving home after maghrib..exhausted but satisfied..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

to obey or..?

earlier this week i had a meeting with a few army personnels about a pending case. (btw, i chaired the meeting whohooo!) this story is not going to be about that meeting per se but it is about one person in the meeting (whom i labelled "the army man"). he is obviously an army personnel. his personality was so improfessional since throughout the meeting he was not once took the subject matter seriously.and i think he did not take me seriously too. that was quite upsetting n annoying.

few hours after the meeting ended, i received a message on Facebook, it was from him. Gosh,,he found me on Facebook.he added me as a friend. till now i have not yet responded to his request.

i was not even considering his request, but somehow i let it hanging. my beloved husband-to-be found out about this. so he asked me to delete that army man right away since for him, the army man is a menace and a pest of some sort.

i responded by saying that i can't reject the army man just yet, since we are still going to be in another meeting soon. plus, to delete a person there would be too harsh, don't u think?

i wonder why is he making all this such a big fuss? wan sayang, jeles eh?? alaaalalala comelnyerrr!!

so?? to obey or not to obey?


Friday, April 2, 2010

Di Kala Emosi Tidak Tenteram..

ya Allah ya Tuhanku. Ampunilah segala dosa-dosaku, dosa kedua ibu bapa ku, dosa adik-beradik ku, dosa sahabat-sahabatku dan dosa seluruh umat muslimin dan muslimat.

ya Allah ya Tuhanku. aku memohon daripadamu. kau kurniakanlah aku ketenangan dalam kehidupan seharianku.

ya Allah ya Tuhanku. aku memohon daripadamu. kau kurniakanlah aku kesabaran dalam menghadapi ujian-ujian mu.

aku mohon ya Allah, lembutkan lah hati saudaraku untuk memaafkan aku atas apa jua kesalahanku dan kurniakanlah kepadaku sifat pemaaf atas apa jua kesalahannya sama ada yang sedar atau tidak.

ya Allah ya Tuhanku. kau jauhkanlah aku dari manusia yang suka melaga-lagakan saudara-saudaranya. kau ampunilah dosanya dan aku mohon ya Allah, kau kurniakanlah kesedaran kepadanya tentang perlakuannya yang menganiaya saudara-saudaranya yang lain.kau ampunilah dosanya ya Allah.

ya Allah ya Tuhanku. jauhkanlah aku daripada apa jua jenis fitnah. jauhkanlah ku daripada sifat amarah.
ampunilah dosaku ya Allah. amin ya rabbal alamin.