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Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i'm on a strict budget starting from 25 Mac 2010.."dead-strict" strict budget. only for one reason. I promise to myself not to spend on something i want (but do not need). I have my aim and i'm glad that he has the same aim as mine. I apologise (in advance) to my dear family and friends for not being able to spend for your benefit and pleasure for the time being, at least until I achieve what i aimed for.

p/s i'm getting so involved with him lately and i have no regret. Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

what i did today?

today, i'm home.

i finished reading "Silent Boy" by Torey Hayden. I loved it very much. I love memoirs. (by definition memoir means an account of the author's personal experiences)
I also love fictions. But sometimes they are just too good to be true.

The story was about a boy who is so troubled due to his childhood trauma. He claimed to have watched his step father abused his sister to death and how his mother did not do a thing to stop such abuse. This boy is becoming an adult soon and Torey was trying her best to ensure that the boy can survive on his own soon.

While i was reading this book, there was a tragedy involving a three year old girl, Syafia Humairah Sahari who was killed after being abused God knows how long by her mother's boyfriend (so says the society, but a man is innocent until proven guilty by the court) and the mother didn't do anything to stop that. No report, no action to prevent, no whatever, nope...
Syafia had a brother. The brother was interviewed by the media regarding the death of his sister..I wonder if he saw what his mother's boyfriend did to his sister. If he did, i sure hope that he will not end up like the boy in Torey's memoir.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

BAD Saturday

aimed : watch Alice in Wonderland 3D

specifically : 13 Mar 2010

time : between 11am - 4pm

suggested place : GSC mid valley or tgv klcc or tgv pyramid

actions :

1. Reserved 2 tickets at each cinema (as mentioned above)
2. Go to mid valley, leave home approximately at 10.20am
3. Bought ticket. SMILING. movie at 1.45pm. SMILING

4. Get something to eat. SMILING.

5. Need to send something home. urgent. SIGHING.. but we had time, it was only 12pm.
6. Done. go straight back to mid valley. arrive at 1.40pm. SMILING. we'r on time.yeay!!
7. Reading notices. One of them did not sound so pleasant.

8. Proceed to Gold Class counter. Refunded. FRUSTRATED.
9. Been told that the projector was busted on friday. why the heck did u guys stil selling saturday's ticket?? STUPID!!! (they answered that they stopped selling ticket for saturday, but they didn't stop selling to those who reserved/bought by using EON/GSC credit card)

11. Went to KLCC, with HIGH HOPES to get ticket that we reserved @klcc.
12. Thank GOD!!

13. I've watched it and it was worth it.
14. In love with TIM BURTON.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

bukan semua orang faham..kan?

di kala menunggu transfer order wan dimuktamadkan oleh superior dia, my facebook's status(es) have been reflecting how i feel about it..
here are my status(es):

Mohamad Izwan's faith is in the hand of his bosses..we r feeling so hopeless not knowing where he will be posted for the nex few years..ya Allah hai..takotnye.!! please la post dia kat lembah klang je..plis..plis..plis..plis..


a very very good news from her puts a very very big smile on my face...:-)... now i'm really hoping to hear one from Mohamad Izwan ~huhuhu..takott (-__-)


pnat la nk da nk fikir..

bila da confirm my status goes like this:

heheheheheheheheheheeehheheheheheee..i'm so happy (yet so frustrated!)

(frustrated tu sbb pd hari yang sama sasha kesayanganku telah dicalarkan oleh motor polis yang nk menyelit2 antara kereta di waktu jammed tp rupanye tak muat, sasha is my car)

jd, isu yang timbul adalah apabila aku asik ulang perkataan "takotnye" berkali2 sama ada dalam status or comment..
bila perkataan "takot" tu asik diulang2, adala pulak komen dr kwn2 aku yang tak fhm kenapa aku ni takot na if wan kene transfer jauh2..n bila da tau wan kene transfer ke mana, bila aku happy, dia komen lagi.."haa skrg awin tak takot lg sbb wan is around" cmtu lah..
hmm..jadi, persoalannya, kenapa aku takot? kenapa aku takot sgt??

well, sebenarnya, jawapan utk persoalan yg mcm tu sememangnya terlalu/teramat susah utk diluahkan atau ditulis atau di explain..the answer can only be felt by one who has been or is still in the same situation..or the one who is loved by and who is in love with somebody.hmm..kan dah kate, susah nk explain!
tp ade jugak komen2 yg seakan-akan/kelihatan seperti faham keadaan aku. in such a case, bagus lah. tp yg tak faham tu susah la sket.sbb bukan tanak explain. tp tak tau nk explain cmne. fhm x?