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Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

today's my birthday!

it's 11th may..again!..umur makin meningkat, 24 is a big number..n it's unbearable..but it's oke, everybody's age is increasing (except for benjamin button's, of course)

las nite my darling called, he repeatedly sang the song..then when i felt that i should record his voice, i stopped him. but he knew why he was stopped, so dia tak kasik, jadi takde la record :-((( heheee

my friends have been messaging me since yesterday, some directly called, n also posting on my facebook wall, wishing me happy birthday..they remember..i'm glad. i am in my office presently, my ofismates and colleagues also wished me..

i love this feeling very much, the love, the warmth and the thoughts..

so today after work, i went to celebrate with my darling, he gave me a bouquet of flowers and a card. there is a poem stated in the card, he made it on his own. then we went to have a piece of cake at secret recepy. a cake and a candle. i asked for my present, he asked me to guess, he gave me hints. They are: electrical appliance, the size is as big as my palm..
i guessed my a** off, but to no success. then suddenly, he took out a small-pink wrapped box. it's a ring. a gold ring. he sure knows how to make me smile...
i've had a blast.;-))


Monday, May 3, 2010

daylight saving time

my sister is in Egypt, studying. we know for a fact that the time difference between malaysian time and egypt's is 6 hours..9pm in malaysia means 3pm in egypt. But yesterday my sister told me that now the time difference should be 5 hours only, that is 9pm in malaysia = 4pm in egypt.

Mum was puzzled. She asked me, can the egyptian change their time just like dat?? so i asked my sister about it. she said it is due to the DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME, which was introduced by the British in egypt during the world war II...she didn't explain so much because she wasn't sure i google to search for DST,and obviously the rationale behind it. i found few interesting stuff which u can read here:

today, approximately 70 countries utilize Daylight Saving Time in at least a portion of the country. amazing. i guess they have long found a way to adjust their life (especially economically) when night time is longer than the day time.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

hero mesti sentiasa handsome.

i just watched IRON MAN 2 today with my darling in Brem Mall Kepong. the cinema was so packed. Full House!! (full house kt brem mall nye wayang?? ajaib!) we parked at 10th floor oke?? fact about me is that i love watching movies so seriously.. but iron man?? so lame..! less action..lenghty script..n the actors..none of them has the look! awful!!!! mybe i'm not being fair or what ever but please..there are reasons why handsome actors have more fans than ill-looking actors..and why movies with handsome actors are better sold..kan??OBVIOUSLY!!!! like pirates of carribean, johnny depp..excellent!! plus the movie itself is awesome (the effect, storyline..bla bla bla) n even a stink movie like 30 days of nights..they can sell since they cast JOSH HARTNETT..nyum nyum..hehe..get it??

n some more the heroin in that movie is OKE,, but a little yesterday, don't u think?

there are movies where they used not-so-good-looking actor/actress, but since it matches the character in the movie, then it's fine..but action movies with heroes in it??

maybe my comment is unfair n immature, but truthfully (at least for me) for action/heroistic film, please use a better looking actor!!