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Thursday, December 3, 2009

bile company itu offer wan keje.

akhirnya wan di offer keje dkt company itu..but although he is a law graduate, THE COMPANY is offering him a post as a human resources executive. hmm..cmne tu? scholarship pnoh dia da bagi. tapi bile offer keje dia offer nye benda laen..n legal dept pon byk vacant lagi.susah la cmni.

fat pay..of dorg hanta pegi kerteh,tganu.mak aih jauh no..hmm kalo ikut aku, tak usah la..dah la jauh, buat something yg dia tak minat. kalo jauh tp legal work alrite itu kalo aku la. but i let him decide.

p/s: at last! kurang sorg yg dok tanam anggur hari2 kt umah..thank you GOD for giving him the rezeki.:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The day the lady ruled.

i went to a course somewhere in n9 in the month of november. i was housed in an apartment with a lady who has served more than half of her life to "discipline" (if u know what i mean).

in short, this lady was very rude and very loud. she was so crazy with her rank as she claim "u should call me Puan since i am of a higher rank compare to u"

she said she has served for about 29 years and that i was only a newbie (since i joined service less than 6 months ago)..she keeps on bragging about how high her status was and how i was sooooo small in her eyes and i should work harder to achieve what she has achieved in life. plus i am only a "civilian" in her eyes and that makes me a nobody to her.

well, it is true that i only joined service for about 6 months, but in 3 to 4 years, i will reach to her "VERY HIGH RANK" anyway. and yet she took 29 years..29 years to reach to that rank? omg..and for that she is bragging to me on how high she is now?? come on!! hmm. i shall reserve my comment.I am seriously wondering what was she thinking???

by the way..the course turned out to be educational, where i gained a lot of knowledge about them and their own legal system. it was in fact a nice experience.~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

oh workload!

talking about fact is that it will never stop coming.n neither can u stop them from coming..

once u think that u are almost done, some new fresh files "are being/will be" loaded onto your white "should-be-emptied-soon-but-seems-like-it-won't" rack..n u will give a very obvious and loud sigh..n the feeling of

"oiii byk nye keje!!! tolong!!!"

will come n visit u n stays with u n haunting u..haaaaaaaaa..i heard on the radio one day (fly fm la of course) the dj said, one way that u can reduce stress (especially on monday when u have monday blues) is to try to laugh hard enough (faking ur laugh is acceptable) n eventually, ur stress will go away or at least reduced..i tried that (not on monday but everyday) it worked..n still does.. everybody should try it..

for me, stressful day at work will always be cured by counting how many days left before u get ur pay..seriously.heeeee(ni je yg baru siap..yang masih dlm tindakan???? hadoi!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

first day at work wasn't so bad.

today is 1st July 2009. Today is my first day of working. i've been having awkward moments all day long especially after i stepped in BUU mindef tadi..heeee..but they (colleagues and ofismates) are oke. ;-)

p/s do i have to walk that far everyday from parking lot to ofis?? hadoi!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


when i feel like writing.i'll write.haha